Saturday, March 24, 2012

Coolness in My (Temporary) Paris Neighborhood!

I was pretty excited when my most recent copy of Budget Travel magazine had an article called: Latest Turnaround: Canal Saint-Martin, Paris. It talked about how this working class neighborhood is getting cool! As I looked at the list of the seven coolest places in the neighborhood, I realized, it was going to be MY neighborhood for two weeks this summer!

Le Pompon
There's a speakeasy called Le Pompon, located in a former synagogue, with a DJ and a smoking room - smoking is not allowed in bars any more without special permission. Locals call it vraiment cool!"  I'm not sure that I'm young enough to be that cool anymore but it does look like a fun place. But hey, I can dream!

Right next to our apartment rental (I mean right NEXT door) is a place called the Sweat Shop. You can rent a sewing machine by the hour and guest designers come and teach classes.

Chez Chiffrons
All of the other places sound cool too, but I'm looking forward to visiting the vintage clothes shop near by called Chez Chiffrons. Since the clothes seem to be retro designer clothes, I'm not sure I can afford anything. But, I'm still going to check it out. 

The other place is called Objet CĂ©leste. It's a shop full of rice paper lanterns, mobiles, and jewelry!

So, now I know what I'll be doing in the afternoons, between afternoon cafe and late evening dinners!

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