Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring makes me homesick for Paris

Every year, when Spring finally settles down in Maine, I get homesick - homesick for Paris. Luckily, this summer I will be returning "home" with some of my family!

I bought my tickets and paid my deposit for the apartment that I wanted, way back in October. Then I sort of put my excitement for the trip in hibernation. Now I'm in full excitement - thinking of the possibilities and all the things we can when we get there.

One thing I've wanted to do for the last three trips was to take the barge trip down the Canal Saint-Martin. Some how, it's always fallen off the list for lack of time. But this time, I was sneaky. Our apartment is actually meters from the canal itself!

Megan is only 11 and I'm not sure if the very slow barge trip will work with her. But I'm thinking that walking the canal will be even better!

Although I apparently crossed the canal on my way to a horrible job I had in the 11th (back in 1986), I was shy and walked very fast to my destination. I never even realized what I was looking at. I do remember the amazingly diverse neighborhood I walked through though - all the beautiful African ladies and their bright outfits and markets. It was one neighborhood I knew would be open and lively on Sunday as it was predominately Jewish and Muslim.

So I just can't wait to show Megan these places and retrace my steps. I used to pick up my charge

at his school and entertain him for the afternoon as my job - way back then. Now, I get to escort my own daughter and share the beauty of the city I love most - in all of it's color and diversity!

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