Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Bastille Day

Time is flying and I've not had the time or energy to post as I'd hoped to. But I will do lots when I get back.

The other day was the first Bastille Day I've had in Paris since I was a kid. It was really exciting to be in the capital city during their big national holiday.

We were all gang busters to do shopping during the day and so headed to Chatelet. As we emerged from the metro at the far end of the rue de Rivoli, the streets were all blocked off and everyone was waiting for something. Come to find out, it was the military parade! I'd never seen one and it was kind of exciting.

We shopped and boy were we successful. I know it sounds like we're here for shopping but the sales are just so great and we're just having fun doing it! Mike found fantastic shoes and then Megan and I found a great women's store.

Then, off to have une coupe de glace, a crepe and home for a power nap.

Later, after a late dinner and lots of games of cards, we set off for the Eiffel Tower at 10pm. The metro was crowded to the point of intimate knowledge of one's "neighbor", but everyone was jovial and polite. Most of the metro stations anywhere near the Eiffel Tower were closed for security sake, so we got as close as we could and then all poured off like water into the subway station and into the streets. Normally, I would have dug my map out and navigated over to our destination, but there was no need as everyone was headed to the same place and we just followed the river of people!

The Champs de Mars was packed, but we found a spot and didn't have long to wait. The fireworks show was fabulous and the giant disco ball we'd seen on the ground a few days before was now shining from the space just above the first floor.

The music was fun, being disco, and the fireworks were timed well with it. The 30 min. show went really fast - as do most fireworks displays - and the crowd was happy and well behaved!

Then, the crowds poured back toward the nearest metro. The stop where we'd gotten off had at least a 1/2 hour line, so we walked and walked and walked and - yes - walked. Finally, at about 1 am we got to an RER line right outside my old abode and the Musee Orsay. The trains were still packed but we finally got home about 2am.

It was really a day to remember!

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