Friday, September 21, 2012

Snack Time - French Style

Fresh Figs

Fresh Almonds and Rose

 I first discovered the wonderful ritual of goûter when I was an au pair one summer. I was 16 and my Aunt had put me on a train to meet a family who did not speak French. I would be taking care of their kids for "les vacances." I learned so much during those four weeks, like the word for broom, diaper, and every possible ingredient for rice salad. I learned you can not make pancakes Americain from French flour and all about the love and joy a family can share during a relaxing vacation together.

But back to le goûter. Since the French eat dinner later, like 7pm or later, you really need to fortify yourself about 4pm. This was the time I got our chocolate bars, cookies, pastries, a fresh baguette, milk and other amazingly wonderful goodies. The kids always just ate what they wanted and walked away. But since this was new to me, I gained weight!!

Years later when I lived in Paris, I worked for a family in Paris near the Buttes Chaumont. I would take the metro up to this exotic neighborhood and pick up the elementary school aged boy at school and walk him home. And there was, once again, a never ending spread of goodies set out by the very nice Algerian housekeeper. Since she knew I was broke, she would stuff me with crepes and cheese and bread. I was always so grateful to her. 

So whenever I go to France with my family now, I always make sure to have a hearty goûter. And this afternoon, I am craving a good selection of French food to satisfy my taste buds and my soul.

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One of Each, Please

OK, Just These for Today

Marzipan Fig and Pig

Giant Meringue

Pate, Cheese, Olives, Normandy Butter, Tomatoes, Apricots

A Baguette and a Surprise from the Patisserie