Friday, October 25, 2013

Tour 13 Paris: Cutting edge art - beautiful, raw, but fleeting.

Paris is always a jumble of preservation, tearing down, and building up. It is my most favorite thing about the city. It's what makes every trip different and exciting. The "Paris Tour 13" is an example. Cutting edge art - beautiful, raw, but fleeting.

The realities of large cities are that there are always less savory and romantic parts. Most people who visit Paris visit the key sites and leave with a glittering impression of a cosmopolitan city steeped in history - fancy buildings, glittering gold leaf, and polished parks.

But looking beyond the center of the city, you will find rich neighborhoods full of students, immigrants and people struggling to make it to next week. These are also Parisians living the reality of their lives on the edges of glitter.

For more information and pictures about this art "instillation" see:

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