Thursday, May 27, 2010

Le Chateau de Versailles

This is one of the sites our family will definitely go see while in "Paris". St. Cloud, where my Aunt lives, is between Paris and Versailles so it will be quick to get there.

I have not gone for a long time, but remember how, like Le Louvre, it's way too big to do the whole thing in a day. That's why it's great to visit the web site and pick out one or two main areas to see and not get so totally exhausted and overwhelmed by the experience.

And upon visiting the website, I see they are having a strike and so some of the Chateau is closed. Really, if you love the French like I do, you have to accept them for who they are. They love to strike! Whenever you visit France, you must accept that something you want to do will be FUBAR because of the French genetic need to strike. Accept it and work around it!

I have a very funny memory of visiting the Grands Canals at the Chateau. I was 16 and staying with my aunt and uncle for the summer. Since my aunt was madly busy getting ready for a huge party she was throwing (might it been the one where I was forced to mingle with ambassadors?) Anyway, she also had a 17 year old English chap staying at the house too - my aunt's house was always busy with comings and goings.

So my aunt needed us to "be gone" and so she quickly packed up une pique-nique and drove us to the Chateau de Versailles. It seems as though she slowed the car and let us jump out - although I'm sure she actually stopped - and left us to ourselves for the day. With no money for going into the chateau, we spent the day in the gardens and at the canals. So I have this very picturesque memory of a very proper young Englishman rowing me around the grand canals for an afternoon! How romantic!!

Later, my aunt picked us up again and then he went home to England again at some point. It's really all I remember about him! I wonder what he's doing now??

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