Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Our house is like a packing frenzy!

Although Megan's been mostly packed for weeks, the rest of us are trying to catch up. Last minute trips to the CVS, the mall, the book store, etc for whatever we realized we can't live without. Everyone's had hair cuts, last minute dr. appts, end-of-school performances, etc.

I've never travelled with high-tech devices before. Realizing how many things we'll be plugging in and recharging, I bought a cool power strip.

Mike's got the conversational French book out and is asking me for pronunciation. He's at the point where he can see the relaxation of a much needed vacation. I'm seeing all the details that I might have muffed up - Aaaaaah!

Mean while, Emily is working hard to try to get all her work done on time. At her school, they do not average grades, you must meet the standard for everything. (and I've pretty much ruined her life - some days - by taking her out of her wonderful life for 3 whole weeks and forcing family time on her!) Megan's not so badly off though, being in elementary school. She's excited and ready to leave NOW!

We got our cell phones - they are tiny!! But so glad to have them. Now let's see if I can figure out how to install sim cards, etc. Hey, I used to install internal modems in PCs, so maybe....

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