Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Good Morning!

While you all sleep, we are up and the household is hopping. Well, not the kids, but us adults. My Aunt and Mike are off to the market, and I am drinking coffee and eating baggette with Normandy butter and homemde marmalade. And a little peace and quiet for me, except for answering my Aunt's phone. Fortunately, so far the callers have been English speaking, including my cousin Danniel.

We are awoken by a very pleasant chime that rings to signal the start of school, which is right next door to my Aunts house.

I'm having so many flashbacks about being here as a young child and up to a young woman on my own. And then I look over to see my own two children and it makes me jump. Who are these fine young people and how can they even be here or mine yet??

Today we will go back to Paris and break up into our two "teams". Megan and I will go to the Decorative Arts museum while Mike and Emily go off to the Pompidou Center - the modern art museum. We will meet for food and drink and try shopping in Les Halles - hoping for more reasonable prices!

The weather is sprinkly with sun and clouds. Tomorrow is supposed to be rainy so we will go to Versailles and bask in the illumination of The Sun King's chateau.

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