Thursday, June 17, 2010

Weather is mixed but lots of fun and very friendly people!

We do not have an easy wi-fi connection so I've not been able to keep the blog up.

But, rest assure we are having fun. The people are so friendly here, whether they're at the Carrefour (the Super Walmart store) or at the beach side restaurant or at the Villa complex - have met Brits, a lovely Irish woman and then of course the French. I get the feeling Americans are VERY rare in this area.

Apparently the Gulf Stream dropped or something like that and so the weather is really mucked up here. Thank goodness we didn't go to Provence though, there's been flooding and the Mediterranean waters are gray and cloudy with silt from the flooding rivers. We've just had some rain and it's cool-ish. But we've had two very nice beach mornings and a trip to Narbonne in the overcast/rain.

By the way, it's pretty awsome to go to the beach and see the Pyranees on one side and the mountains to the north on the other side/in back. The weather is really hard to predict as the clouds move in all directions and vaporize or evaporate within minuites.

Narbonne is a beautiful little town on a small canal. We loved it. Unfortunately, the archeology museum is only closed on Tuesday - the day we were there. But, there's always a beautiful church to visit in a Midaeval town and this one did not disappoint - built in the 12th century. It had amazing tile work, alabaster statue of Madonna and Child, and huge tapestries. Then, nothing better than a little shopping after a whole 45 mins of hushed voices. We all found things we liked at the Monoprix (like a K-Mart in a beautiful turn of the century building - it's a chain found everywhere in France.)

So, after I post this (from the Quick Hamburger place near the Carrefour) we will head to Pezenas for atisan merchandise and to view lots of 18th Century mansions. Hoping to eat dinner there too.

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