Wednesday, July 11, 2012

In Love with Paris - As Always...

Canal St. Martin Near our Apartment
Paris is amazing - as always. We arrived a few days ago and are settling into a bit of a routine.

We've been doing a lot of shopping for food because even in the local supermarket we can't possibly eat all the yummy food we want. We've been indulging on good cheese, meat, Haribo candy you can't find in the states, good confit, excellent cheap wine, and many other things.

I've managed to navigate buying our Navigo passes (much cheaper than the tourist transit pass - Paris Visite), buying more minutes on our cell phones, and buying a universal charger for my laptop. Yes, I forgot my laptop charger at home.
Canal St. Martin Near our Apartment

Mike on our Terrace at 10pm
Our apartment is AMAZING as it's huge, well equipped, and very convenient. My wonky body needs a softer bed, but other than that, this is heaven! We've greatly enjoyed our little outside terrace too.

The weather is quite variable this week - sometimes warm, others cold, then sprinkling! But at least it's not 90 degrees because I've done that and it's not as easy to be a tourist then.

Wonderful Young Woman at the Organic Market

Luckily, it's sales season and everything is on sale. So what a time to shop! I personally haven't bought anything big (three scarves) but Mike and Megan have dropped some Euro on very nice clothes!

Entertainment on Sunday Afternoon, rue des Rosiers 
We've visited the Marais, including the rue des Rosiers area, shopped around the Pomplidou Center (the  modern art museum) and had a nice dinner near the Eiffel Tower. We explored the Champs de Mars last night, discovering 8 disco balls around the circumference and then a really big one UNDER the Eiffel Tower. With some research, I've discovered this year's theme for Bastille Day (France's Independence celebration) is DISCO! OK, I think that makes me feel old, but we're plotting our way to enjoy the celebrations which go on until the wee hours.

The Paris Opera House, Place de la Bastille
Excellent Dinner at Cafe le Bosquet
The Golden Eiffel Tower at Night
GIANT Disco Ball Under the Eiffel Tower

The Ever Interesting Pompidou Center

A Light Snack in the Afternoon!

For more information about planning a great time in Paris, visit ParisMadeSimple!

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