Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Visiting the Louvre Museum

 Last night I was watching my hero, Rick Steves, visit Paris. His tour of the Louvre got me thinking and wanting to share.

Although the Louvre Museum does not make my "Must-See"  list, many people consider it impossible to visit Paris and NOT visit the Louvre. The reason I don't include it in my list is simple because of the size and time it takes to visit. There are so many museums in Paris, many of which can be enjoyed in a half-day, leaving plenty of time for other enjoyments, that I prefer that approach. But that's my personal way of enjoying the city, and not right for everyone.

For those that want to see the Louvre, take Rick Steve's advice and don't try to see it all at once. With prior planning, you can choose the collections you want to see and leave others for another day. Visit the Louvre's official web site to help decide what you want to see. Then, I suggest you save LOTS of time by buying and picking up your tickets in advance - this allows you to skip to the front of the line, which can get very long indeed.

Here's a great teaser from one of Rick Steve's show:
If you'd like more information about enjoying your own trip to Paris, visit

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