Monday, August 18, 2014

OK, I'm Guilty!

During my trip to Paris this Spring, I did a bad thing. I didn't realize I was, but I did. What was this awful "faux pas?"

Food Porn!

I am guilty of taking pictures of my food and sharing them with friends and, now, YOU!

I had some really nice meals in some fun restaurants - the kind that are off the tourist track.

And a few times, I took a picture of my super yummy food and of the restaurant itself. I felt I was discrete and only wanted people to know what really good food can look like.

I'm not a Tweeter really, and I don't have a data plan that lets me share every moment of my life as it happens. Really, I'm pretty sure people aren't THAT interested. And I've learned the world does not really revolve around me.

But this growing trend of sharing epicurean moments has spread. And as with the advent of phones in our pockets, it's grown way out of control. According to the article in the , people have become oblivious to those around them and have actually stood on chairs to get the perfect shot.
Christian Science Monitor

Restaurateurs aren't running a circus and don't appreciate this behavior (nor does anyone else.) Chefs feel people are stealing intellectual property, but this does not hold up in court. Progressives feel that chefs should embrace this trend (the less obnoxious actions) and move with the times. Or, put a sign that asks for no photos, SVP.

Put in that context, I think that perhaps my behavior was not really food porn. And I think that when you travel, your discrete, occasional photo for your souvenirs (and sharing later) are acceptable.

But as with all things, when you're a tourist, don't act like the city exists for your tourist money. If it says, "No Photos Please", respect the rule. Yes, that's directed specifically to the people with their iPad and phones taking forbidden pictures in Sacre Coeur!

You can have a really great time in Paris while still being respectful of the people who work hard to make your stay nice.