Friday, March 25, 2016

I went to Paris and didn't visit the Eiffel Tower!

Hausmann Style in Paris
Now that my brain is mostly back on State-side mode and thinking in EST, the two weeks in Paris sort of feel like a dream. Don't you hate that feeling when you get back from something so awesome and you wake up to your "normal" life and the "other" life seems like it didn't happen at all?

Paris home overlooking Père Lachaise Cemetery
Paris home overlooking Père Lachaise Cemetery
Thank goodness for the camera! I had fun with mine and my husband was patient beyond words while I took over 1000 photos! And to that I say, thank goodness for digital. Because no matter how incredible that photo seemed when you took it, there's a pretty real chance that you look at it later and wonder, "Why?!"

Gentleman at the Epicerie, Covered Marche Saint Quentin
This was my 12th time to Paris (if you count my 3 trips as a kid when someone else called the shots.) I have been asked time and time again, "Why do you keep going back?" Well, anyone who loves Paris can answer that. There is always too much to see in any one trip. Vacation goes too fast, things fall off your to-do list, you discover alternative things to do, your jet lag lags you longer than you thought it would, it takes longer to do an activity than you thought it would, etc. So, you just have to go back!

My problem is more about my bucket list getting longer with each trip instead of shorter!

La Rotunde at the Place de la Bataille-de- Stalingrad, Paris
La Rotunde at the Place de la Bataille-de- Stalingrad

Admittedly, I have a chronic condition where I am just no longer able to go, go, go. Even when I was younger and could, I didn't like too. You miss too much that way. When I read guide books who say  to plan three hours for the Musee d'Orsay, I wonder what you would see during that time. And even more importantly, what you would remember about it two days later!

Building seen from La promenade plantée, Paris
Building seen from La promenade plantée
My trip was full of memorable activities, people, and food. Yet, I never saw the Eiffel Tower nor the Arc de Triomphe (except from afar!) We never even walked by Notre Dame! My goal this trip was to do almost all new things and I did achieve that!

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